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Flat Open Source Virtual Classroom

Battery included online tutoring tools for teachers & freelance trainers.

Build real-time interactive virtual classroom with ease from our open-sourced projects.

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source Flat & Open Source

Flat was born out of an exploratory project in which we investigated customer needs and user experience.

After receiving good internal feedback, we believe that Flat has the potential to become an online classroom product that can really help people and have a good user experience. We hope that through Flat the transfer cost of knowledge can be reduced a little.

We knew that our power alone wasn’t enough, so we decided to open source, give as many developers as possible the opportunity to participate, and let the ideas and power of the community nourish Flat until it becomes something useful.

Flat is currently under heavy development. It still grows up day by day. We are very happy to share this joy with you.



bigclass Create Multifunctional Virtual Classrooms

Three types of built-in classrooms empowering high quality teaching.

bigclass Big Class

For speaking to large audience. Students can join conversations by rasing hands.

bigclass Small Class

For 1 teacher with 2~16 students. A nice balance of interactivity and efficiency.

bigclass One on One

Students can quickly build their confidence with personalized high quality interaction.

big small one2one

skin Custom theme and UI (Under Development)

Built-in themes that are carefully crafted by our designers and developers.


plugin Plugins: unlimited combinations, unlimited possibility

Customize your needs with flexible whiteboard plugins.


Whether you want to create self-brand online virtual classroom or offer clients online education products/solutions,
Flat got the service and tools you need to keep growing.